Conceptual modelling of application stories

Authors Antje Düsterhöft
Klaus-Dieter Schewe
Editors D. Embley
B. Thalheim
Title Conceptual modelling of application stories
Booktitle Handbook of Conceptual Modelling
Type in collection
Publisher Springer
Chapter Chapter 11
Month March
Year 2011
Pages 359-377
SCCH ID# 1030

The development of complex systems requires an understanding how the system is supposed to be used. This corresponds to describing how actors are supposed to navigate through the system and which actions they are to execute in order to perform certain tasks. As descriptions of navigation paths correspond to “telling stories” about the system usage, a conceptual model for application stories is needed. This chapter highlights the key concepts of storyboarding such as actors, scenarios and tasks, and the composed action scheme called “plot”. Furthermore, the pragmatics of storyboards is addressed, i.e. what the model means to users. The chapter is rounded up by discussing inferences to analyse storyboards.