Synchronous parallel database transformations

Authors Klaus-Dieter Schewe
Qing Wang
Editors T. Lukasiewicz
A. Sali
Title Synchronous parallel database transformations
Booktitle Foundations of Data and Knowledge Systems, Proc. FoIKS 2012
Type in proceedings
Publisher Springer
Series Lecture Notes in Computer Science
Volume 7153
ISBN 978-3-642-28471-7
Month March
Year 2012
Pages 370-383
SCCH ID# 1201

The DB-ASM thesis states that every database transformation can be expressed by a variant of Abstract State Machines. These machines permit unbounded parallelism only on the finite database part of a state. This paper generalises this work by permitting unbounded parallelism on the algorithmic partof the state as well. The ''parallel DB-ASM'-thesis results from combining Gurevich's parallel ASM thesis with the DB-ASM thesis. In doing so, it turns out that the postulates for synchronous parallel database transformations can be significantly simplified compared with the seminal work of Gurevich. The key idea is to generalise the notion of bounded exploration witnesses allowing them to include special non-ground terms.