Third International Workshop on Conceptual

Editors Klaus-Dieter Schewe
Qing Wang
Title Third International Workshop on Conceptual
Booktitle Advances in Conceptual Modeling - Proc. ER 2012 Workshops CMS, ECDM-NoCoDA, MODIC, MORE-BI, RIGIM, SeCoGIS, WISM
Type proceedings
Publisher Springer
Series Lecture Notes in Computer Science
Volume 7518
ISBN 978-3-642-33998-1
Month October
Year 2012
Pages 1-2
SCCH ID# 1258

The CMS workshop aims at bringing together researchers in the areas of services computing, services science, business process modelling, and conceptual modelling. The emphasis of this workshop is on the intersection of the rather new, fast growing services computing and services science paradigms with the well established conceptual modelling area. Out of twelve submitted papers to the workshop the international programme committee selected four papers for presentation at the workshop. These papers are included in these proceedings.