Software Analytics and Evolution

SAE focus on the support of Software Engineering by tools and methods, especially tailored to the producing industry. Research and development of SAE concentrates on:

Software Architecture

  • Software Architecture analysis and Knowledge Management
  • Software Architecture Quality Assurance
  • Requirement-based development of Software Architecture

Human Centered Software Engineering

  • Software Development tailored to user
  • Development of innovative Human-Machine Interaction, integration of new interfaces
  • Usability and integration in daily workflow
  • Technology and Methods for modern User Interfaces (reduced, customized interfaces, multi touch...)
  • Domain Specific Languages (DSLs)

Code Analytics

  • Automated Extraction of Domain Knowledge from Source Code
  • Knowledge abstract from program structure
  • Representation of Knowledge as Formulas, Decision Table, Curves and many more.
  • Preservation of Knowledge from Legacy-Software
  • Generation of printable Domain Documentation from Source Code
  • Interactive exploration of Software with concrete parameters, dynamic symbolic execution
  • Extraction of knowledge about Software Quality
  • Code Generation

Software Testing

  • Test Case Generation
  • Test Automation
  • Random Tests
  • Mutation Testing
  • Focused, risk-based, optimized Testing

eKNOWS Extraktor

Die Software ist zentraler Unternehmensbestandteil und enthält wichtiges Fachwissen, welches aus Berechnungen, Formeln, Zustandsdiagrammen oder Entscheidungstabellen bestehen kann. Wie kann man dieses Fachwissen aus dem Code wieder extrahieren?

Examples and an interactive demo on these topics can be found on our demo page.