3D distributed rendering and optimization using free software

C. Gonzalez-Morcillo, G. Weiß, D. Vallejo, L. Jimenez, J. Fdez-Sorribes. 3D distributed rendering and optimization using free software. pages 52-66, 3, 2007.

  • Carlos Gonzalez-Morcillo
  • Gerhard Weiß
  • D. Vallejo
  • L. Jimenez
  • J.A. Fdez-Sorribes
BuchProc. Int. Conf. on Free/Libre/Open Source Systems
TypIn Konferenzband
VerlagUCA (Spain)
NoteBest Paper Award

The media industry is demanding high fidelity images for their 3D synthesis projects. Rendering is the process by means of which a 2D image can be obtained from the abstract definition of a 3D scene. Despite the development of new techniques and algorithms, this process is computationally intensive and requires a lot of time to be done, specially when the source scene is complex or when photo-realistic images are required. This paper describes Yafrid (standing for Yeah! A Free Render grID) and MagArRO (Multi Agent AppRoach to Rendering Optimization) architectures developed in the University of Castilla-La Mancha for distributed rendering optimization.