Adaptive flood forecasting for small catchment areas

R. Stumptner, B. Freudenthaler. Adaptive flood forecasting for small catchment areas. pages 63-64, 2, 2015.

  • Reinhard Stumptner
  • Bernhard Freudenthaler
  • A. Quesada-Arencibia et al.
BuchEUROCAST 2015 Computer Aided Systems Theory Extended Abstracts
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There are several sophisticated flood forecasting systems for large rivers like Danube, Rhine or Main. Thereby, hydrological models are built by experts defined for a particular catchment area. But, large rivers generally have a larger warning time than small ones [1], which has to be considered when designing a flood forecasting system.

The water gauge of small rivers can rise rapidly and dams as well as retention basins are sparsely available. Flood forecasting models for such small rivers are normally not available because the development of a flood forecasting system for each small river is too expensive.

Therefore, within the project INDYCOa prototypical flood forecasting system has been developed for small catchment areas. The INDYCO project provides an innovative approach based on dynamic workflows and integration as well as interpretation of sensor data in the frame of disaster management (for more information, see [2]).