Facing mental workload in AI-transformed working environments

N. Gusenleitner, S. Siedl, G. Stübl, A. Polleres, G. Recski, R. Sommer, M. Leva, M. Pichler, T. Kopetzky, B. Moser. Facing mental workload in AI-transformed working environments. 11, 2019.

  • Nina Gusenleitner
  • Sandra Siedl
  • Gernot Stübl
  • Alex Polleres
  • Gabor Recski
  • Roland Sommer
  • Maria Chiara Leva
  • Mario Pichler
  • Theodorich Kopetzky
  • Bernhard A. Moser
OrganisationH-WORKLOAD 2019 : 3rd International Symposium on Human Mental Workload: Models and Applications, Rome, Italy, November 14-15, 2019.

We are focusing on working environments with an increasing role of AI for solving problems involving detection and classification of patterns and events, optimization, predictions or providing other services that generally are associated with human intelligence such as reasoning and learning. Such AI transformed working environments raise new requirements and challenges in terms of mental workload. We discuss these challenges in the context of Human-AI teaming.