General model for tracking manufacturing products using graph databases

J. Martinez-Gil, R. Stumptner, C. Lettner, M. Pichler, S. Mahmoud, P. Praher. General model for tracking manufacturing products using graph databases. volume 379, pages 86-100, DOI, 4, 2020.

  • Jorge Martinez-Gil
  • Reinhard Stumptner
  • Christian Lettner
  • Mario Pichler
  • Salma Mahmoud
  • Patrick Praher
BuchData-Driven Process Discovery and Analysis - Proc. SIMPDA 2018, SIMPDA 2019
TypIn Konferenzband
SerieLecture Notes in Business Information Processing

One of the major problems in the manufacturing industry consists of the fact that, when manufacturing a product, many parts from different lots are supplied and mixed to a certain degree during an indeterminate number of stages, what makes it very difficult to trace each of these parts from its origin to its presence in a final product. In order to overcome this limitation, we have worked towards the design of a general solution aiming to improve the traceability of the products from several manufacturers. This solution is based on the exploitation of graph databases which allows us to significantly reduce response times compared to traditional relational systems.