Multiple choice question answering in the legal domain using reinforced co-occurrence

J. Martinez-Gil, B. Freudenthaler, A. Tjoa. Multiple choice question answering in the legal domain using reinforced co-occurrence. volume 11706, pages 138-148, DOI, 8, 2019.

  • Jorge Martinez-Gil
  • Bernhard Freudenthaler
  • A Min Tjoa
  • S. Hartmann
  • J. Küng
  • S. Chakravarthy
  • G. Anderst-Kotsis
  • o.Univ.Prof. Dipl.Ing. Dr. A Min Tjoa
  • I. Khalil
BuchDatabase and Expert Systems Applications - Proc. DEXA 2019, Part I
TypIn Konferenzband
SerieLecture Notes of Computer Science

Nowadays, the volume of legal information available is continuously growing. As a result, browsing and querying this huge legal corpus in search of specific information is currently a tedious task exacerbated by the fact that data presentation does not usually meet the needs of professionals in the sector. To satisfy these ever-increasing needs, we have designed an appropriate solution to provide an adaptive and intelligent solution for the automatic answer of questions of legal content based on the computation of reinforced co-occurrence, i.e. a very demanding type of co-occurrence that requires large volumes of information but guarantees good results. This solution is based on the pattern-based methods that have been already successfully applied in information extraction research. An empirical evaluation over a dataset of legal questions seems to indicate that this solution is promising.