Adaptations of API test case generation

Autoren Cyrille Artho
Rudolf Ramler
Martina Seidl
Jun Yoneyama
Titel Adaptations of API test case generation
Buchtitel Proceedings of the 30th Nordic Workshop on Programming Theory (NWPT'18)
Typ in Konferenzband
Verlag University of Oslo
ISBN 978-82-7368-450-9
Monat October
Jahr 2018
Seiten Report Nr. 485
SCCH ID# 18105

Online test case generation directly executes the system under test, by calling functions of its application programming interface (API). Such direct API testing can be extended by calling an adapter layer instead of the system. This unifies offline and online testing and also opens the door to different types of applications of test case generation. These include generation data structures instead of code, interfacing with systems that do not have an API, including systems with a graphical user interface, and even model-based simulation. We give a new view on this problem by looking at our past work.