On quasi-isometry of threshold-based sampling

Autoren Bernhard A. Moser
M. Lunglmayr
Titel On quasi-isometry of threshold-based sampling
Typ Artikel
Journal IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing
Nummer 14
Band 67
DOI 10.1109/TSP.2019.2919415
Monat May
Jahr 2019
Seiten 3832-3841
SCCH ID# 19029

The problem of isometry for threshold-based sampling such as integrate-and-fire (IF) or send-on-delta (SOD) is addressed. While for uniform sampling the Parseval theorem provides isometry and makes the Euclidean metric canonical, there is no analogy for threshold-based sampling. The relaxation of the isometric postulate to quasi-isometry, however, allows the discovery of the underlying metric structure of threshold-based sampling. This paper characterizes this metric structure making Hermann Weyl's discrepancy measure canonical for threshold-based sampling. The usefulness of the approach is demonstrated by means of a novel adaptive threshold-based sampling scheme, which, applied on electrocardiography (ECG) signals, allows a substantial reduction of the number of samples while maintaining nearly the same SNR after reconstruction.