Context-awareness and artificial intelligence

Autoren Mario Pichler
Ulrich Bodenhofer
Wieland Schwinger
Titel Context-awareness and artificial intelligence
Typ Artikel
Journal ÖGAI Journal
Nummer 1
Band 23
Note invited
ISSN 0254-4326
Jahr 2004
Seiten 4-11
SCCH ID# 412

This article advocates the viewpoint that a close cooperation between the artificialintelligence community and researchers studying context-aware mobile and ubiquitousapplications will be indispensable for the future success of context-aware applications. Thenotions of context and context-awareness are introduced. It is shown that typical issues arisingin context-awareness can be supported by concepts and methods developed within the AIcommunity. The authors suggest establishing a multidisciplinary research effort for thedevelopment of future context-aware applications.