Towards conceptual modeling of security

Autoren Christine Artelsmair
Peter Lang
Edgar Weippl
Wolfgang Essmayr
Roland Wagner
Titel Towards conceptual modeling of security
Typ Technischer Bericht
Nummer SCCH-TR-0220
Ort Hagenberg, Austria
Institution SCCH
Jahr 2002
SCCH ID# 220

Security is a topic which is considered to be very important. During software development security requirements are hardly ever considered on the conceptual level. Security is considered as some kind of add on which will be applied to the system after development. That is why we work on the development of a conceptual security modelling method. In this paper we will first give a comprehensive summary of available security modelling methodologies. Afterwards we show how security modelling can be applied to the process of conceptual modelling. Therefore we systematically name well known security requirements and clearly distinguish them from mechanisms which are used to enforce them.