Memex reinvented - memory and sharing of experiences

Autoren Mario Pichler
Titel Memex reinvented - memory and sharing of experiences
Typ Technischer Bericht
Nummer SCCH-TR-0410
Ort Hagenberg, Austria
Institution SCCH
Jahr 2004
SCCH ID# 410

This paper provides a survey of application domains for experience logging and sharing. The process of capturing and sharing of experiences is discussed for each of the given examples. It is made obvious that it makes a difference if someone can rely on a pervasive computing environment with sensors, actuators, and computing components for capturing and sharing experiences, or if these tasks are to be performed in an area where one cannot rely on those infrastructures, e.g. during a bicycle tour. A case study, showing how the difficulties of automated capturing in areas without backbone infrastructure can be addressed, is given.