Applications of fuzzy orderings: An overview

Autoren Ulrich Bodenhofer
Editoren K.T. Atanassov
O. Hryniewicz
J. Kacprzyk
Titel Applications of fuzzy orderings: An overview
Buchtitel Soft Computing. Foundations and Theoretical Aspects
Typ in Sammelband
Verlag EXIT
Ort Warsaw
ISBN 83-87674-69-9
Jahr 2004
Seiten 81-95
SCCH ID# 407

This contribution aims at the dissemination of a similarity-based generalization of fuzzy orderings, however, not from a purely theoretical perspective, but from the viewpoint of possible practical applications. After a short motivation of similarity-based fuzzy orderings, we consider four case studies with the aim to illustrate the application potential of fuzzy orderings— flexible query systems, ordering-based modifiers, orderings of fuzzy sets, and interpretability of linguistic variables.