Specification of business processes and realization as web services

Autoren Dirk Draheim
Christa Illibauer
Theodorich Kopetzky
Titel Specification of business processes and realization as web services
Typ Technischer Bericht
Nummer SCCH-TR-0810
Abteilung EAP
Monat June
Jahr 2010
SCCH ID# 810

The objective of this article is to describe identified business processes during a four-year multidisciplinary software development project in the insurance domain. Each business process is briefly described and one of these is picked out to describe all states, the actions performed as well as all state transitions. If there is an influence of the used role-based security system this influence is described, too. Additionally, an atypical representation – a matrix representation - of the state transitions is presented and compared to the typically used state diagram. Furthermore the workflow-intensive realization is characterized from the viewpoint of business processes as well as from the viewpoint of the system architecture. In this project we faced a lot of challenges like major changes in the security system, replacement of the BizTalk server by the Internet Information Server, the usage of a new O/R Mapping tool, and constantly changing requirements.