Engineering concurrent software guided by statistical performance analysis

Autoren Bernd Scheuermann
Kevin Hammond
Alex Shaferenko
Chris Jesshope
Heinz Hertlein
Volkmar Wieser
Philip Hölzenspies
Raimund Kirner
Te Boekhorst Iraneus
Editoren K. De Bosschere
E.H. D'Hollander
G.R. Joubert
D. Padua
F. Peters
Titel Engineering concurrent software guided by statistical performance analysis
Buchtitel Applications, Tools and Techniques on the Road to Exascale Computing
Typ in Sammelband
Verlag IOS Press
Serie Advances in Parallel Computing
Band 22
Abteilung KVS
ISBN 978-1-61499-040-6
Monat May
Jahr 2012
Seiten 385-394
SCCH ID# 1145

This paper introduces the ADVANCE approach to engineering concurrent systems using a new component-based approach. A cost-directed tool-chain maps concurrent programs onto emerging hardware architectures, where costs are expressed in terms of programmer annotations for the throughput, latency and jitter of components. These are then synthesized using advanced statistical analysis techniques to give overall cost information about the concurrent system that can be exploited by the hardware virtualization layer to drive mapping and scheduling decisions. Initial performance results are presented, showing that the ADVANCE technologies provide a promising approach to dealing with near- and future-term complexities of programming heterogeneous multi-core systems.