Social responsibility aspects supporting the success of SPI

Autoren Richard Messnarz
Miguel-Angel Sicilia
Miklós Biró
Elena García-Barriocanal
Miguel Garre-Rubio
Kerstin Siakas
Adrienne Clarke
Titel Social responsibility aspects supporting the success of SPI
Typ Artikel
Journal Journal of Software: Evolution and Process, Special Issue: Software Process Assessment and Improvement (EuroSPI 2011)
Nummer 3
Band 26
Monat March
Jahr 2014
Seiten 284-294
SCCH ID# 1347

Software Process Improvement (SPI) activities aim at driving change in IT development towards increased quality and responsiveness levels. The SPI Manifesto describes the key values and principles for a successful implementation of SPI. About two thirds of its principles relate to human, social and organizational aspects and one third to technical aspects. This raises the question on how these aspects interact with the view of business aims which are broadly known as “social responsibility”. The recent ISO 26000:2010 standard is aimed at providing guidance on social responsibility (SR), describing the subjects and issues an organization has to consider when implementing social responsibility. In this paper we describe how the values and principles of the SPI Manifesto interact with the social responsibility issues described in the ISO 26000. The result of this mapping sets the basis for an implementation guidance, and illustrates how social and people factors can largely interact with the success of SPI.