Model-based testing of stateful APIs with Modbat

Autoren Cyrille Artho
Martina Seidl
Quentin Gros
Eun-Hyu Choi
Takashi Kitamura
Akira Mori
Rudolf Ramler
Yoriyuki Yamagata
Titel Model-based testing of stateful APIs with Modbat
Buchtitel Proceddings of the 2015 30th IEEE/ACM International Conference on Automated Software Engineering (ASE 2015)
Typ in Konferenzband
Verlag IEEE
ISBN 978-1-5090-0025-8
DOI 10.1109/ASE.2015.95
Monat November
Jahr 2015
Seiten 858-863
SCCH ID# 1550

Modbat makes testing easier by providing a userfriendly modeling language to describe the behavior of systems; from such a model, test cases are generated and executed. Modbat’s domain-specific language is based on Scala; its features include probabilistic and non-deterministic transitions, component models with inheritance, and exceptions. We demonstrate the versatility of Modbat by finding a confirmed defect in the currently latest version of Java, and by testing SAT solvers.