Expert-oriented modelling of a 1vs1-situation in football

Autoren Roland Leser
Bernhard Moser
Thomas Hoch
Johannes Stöger
Gernot Kellermayr
Stephan Reinsch
Arnold Baca
Titel Expert-oriented modelling of a 1vs1-situation in football
Typ Artikel
Journal International Journal of Performance Analysis in Sport
Nummer 3
Band 15
Monat December
Jahr 2015
Seiten 949-966
SCCH ID# 1552

The aim of this study was to create a suitable model for analysing tactical behaviour in one versus one (1vs1) situations in association football. First, expert interviews were used to extract expert knowledge, in order to define an adequate kinematic testing model. Second, youth football players were examined via this model, and the data collected was used to check the suitability of the testing scheme. The performance of the players participating in 75 1vs1 trials was recorded via the LPM® (Local Positioning Measurement) system. In this context, another aim was to develop a concept to automate 1vs1 performance analysis.

The test setting chosen consists of a frontal form of 1vs1 confrontations, where one striker is in control of the ball and trying to overcome a defender, in order to create a goal scoring opportunity. One trial is divided into four key moments and three phases, at which different kinematic parameters (i.e., positions, velocity and acceleration) of the competing players are collected. The evaluation of the available data indicates that the attacker's as well as the defender's accelerations at the moment when the striker tries to pass the defender are key features to perform successfully in 1vs1 situations.