Dr. Florian Sobieczky

Researcher Data Analysis Systems
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Data Science - DAS

Dr. Florian Sobieczky is a researcher in the „Data Analysis Systems“ (DAS) group at the Software Competence Center Hagenberg. After obtaining his diploma in physics, Florian Sobieczky earned his doctorate in Mathematics at the University of Göttingen with a PhD thesis about a topic in percolation theory. During his dissertation, he worked as an assistant at the Technical University in Berlin in teaching and research in the field of mathematical physics.
Starting in the Fall of  2004, Florian Sobieczky started to work as a post-doc at the Mathematics Department (Institut C) of Graz’ University of Technology with a focus on random walks on graphs. In 2006, he obtained his own FWF-Research Project („Random Walks on Random Subgraphs of Transitive Graphs“) for three years.
Apart from his research at the university, he worked for the austriamicrosystems  (ams) as an intern in the field of estimation of statistical parameters. This colaboration has been continued until 2016 in the form of consulting. From 2009 until 2011 he was `university assistent‘ in the research group Analysis at the University of Jena and worked in the field of „Amenability of infinite graphs“. In the summer of 2011, he went to the Mathematics department of the University of Colorado in Boulder (CU), USA, for a yearlong guest-professorship within the Probability research group (Ulam fellow). Afterwards, from 2011 until 2015, he was employed at the University of Denver as a Lecturer of Mathematics.
In the summer of 2015, he switched to a position as a research scientist in industry, for the runIT GmbH, developing machine learning algorithms for production processes. Since summer of 2016, Florian Sobieczky is with the Software Competence Center Hagenberg.

His field of research is the discrete probability theory and statistics of production processes.
As for random walks on percolative graphs, he has  published in internationally renowned journals. From his work in industrial statistics, there are publications and presentations from the field of queueing theory. Apart from his own research, he has organized two conferences (2009 and 2016) on the topic of random walks and random graphs.

His present research interests are:

  1. Model Predictive Control, (MPC, "Modellprädikative Regelung") [1]
  2. Analysis of Production Data ("Characterisation of statistical distributions occurring in production processes") [2]

Selected Publications

  • F.Sobieczky, Christian Lettner, Thomas Natschläger, Patrick Traxler: `Adaptive Heat Pump and Battery Storage Demand Side Energy Management’, ASEE17, Wroclaw, Poland
  • F. Sobieczky, B. Sponer: `A monotonicity preserving transformation‘,  ENBIS 2017, Spring Meeting

Research Projects

  • 2006-2016: Statistical Consulting, ams AG – Project: Characterisation of Distrinbutions
  • 2016-2017: Electricity Storage Management, Kooperatives F&E Projekt, FFG
  • 2016-2017: moFOCS -  Optimierung von indust. Fertigungsprozessen mit virtuellen Sensoren

Organized Conferences

  • 2009: Alp-Workshop: 2016: “Random Walks, Boundaries and Spectra”
  • 2016: Unimodularity in Randomly Generated Graphs AMS Sectional Meeting, (Code: SS 8A)