Two pillars: Data Science and Software Science

The importance of Data and Software Science has recently tremendously increased due to the dramatic developments in deep learning and artificial intelligence in combination with future-oriented trends such as Industry 4.0 (the smart factory) and the internet of things. Especially the synergy of Data and Software Science is seen as an inevitable asset for the future at SCCH. Since its founding in 1999 SCCH conducts research and development in both fields fertilizing each other which makes SCCH a natural hub for data and software science in Austria and beyond

Excellence in research ensured

SCCH is the only COMET center specializing in Data Science and Software Science. In both fields, SCCH conducts excellent research.
COMET centers promote the networking of scientific basic research and applied research & development. At regular intervals, SCCH is evaluated by an international jury of experts. This guarantees excellence in their research standard. Thus for companies SCCH is a powerful cooperation partner, for they benefit from the COMET program and the highly qualified researchers of the Center.

Partner for the domestic economy

Due to our expertise in in Data Science and Software Science, SCCH enjoys partnerships with renowned long-term reference customers such as KEBA AG, Siemens AG, STIWA Holding, RUBBLE MASTER HMH, Fronius International GmbH, ENGEL AUSTRIA GmbH, TRUMPF Maschinen Austria GmbH and voestalpine Stahl GmbH.

Research impulse for the industrial base

As an essential element of Softwarepark Hagenberg, SCCH makes an important contribution to the development of the region. SCCH is fully committed to serving as an active node in the Upper Austrian, Austrian and international research and technology networks and to promote the issues of digitalization and artificial intelligence (AI).

Scientific networking

SCCH bundles and integrates national and international scientific competencies and, on a project basis and with a view to the future, enhances its contacts to scientists and scientific institutes in Austria and abroad.

SCCH currently cooperates with over 60 research facilities in Austria and abroad. This scientific networking contributes sustainably to the development of the Austrian research landscape.