CHASE research center

SCCH is a scientific partner

"The term Chemistry 4.0 leads the chemical industry into a new age - digital and sustainable. For the domestic industrial companies, it is not only important to keep pace, but also to further extend their lead. The CHASE research center is a new strong innovation partner. The successful funding approval at the end of last year was an important step towards further strengthening the leading position of Upper Austria as an industrial location," emphasises Markus Achleitner, State Councillor for Economics and Research, while congratulating the successful consortium.

Chemistry 4.0 - digital and sustainable

Similar to the manufacturing industry with Industry 4.0, the chemical industry is now experiencing a radical change with Chemicals 4.0. This is not just about automated production processes and new business models, but about the entire life cycle of products and sustainable management.
"Digitization promotes a circular economy and leads to sustainable effects. On the basis of digital data, product designs can be optimised and thus the service life of products and their recyclability can be improved. Production processes can be planned precisely and adapted in real time. Valuable raw materials - such as water, wood, solvents or all ingredients required for production - are thus used much more efficiently. Ultimately, digitization means achieving more with less - less raw materials, reduced energy consumption and more sustainable products," explains DI Dr. Christian Paulik, Professor of Chemical Technology of Organic Substances at JKU, who played a leading role in the design of the center.

A large number of leading domestic companies involved

"The research spectrum is broad and geared to the major challenges facing the chemical industry. Many renowned companies will participate in the innovation work - including leading domestic companies such as Patheon, EREMA, Teufelberger, FACC, Greiner, Engel and Borealis," says Dr. Peter Pöchlauer, Innovation Manager at Patheon Austria, who represents the association of company partners as chairman, and adds: "As a group of 20 industrial companies, we are united by the goal of using renewable raw materials, reusing materials within production processes and reusing products as raw materials at the end of their life cycle. We achieve this by continuously improving our production processes through the use of digital technologies and managing them so well that products of the highest quality are created. For Patheon and its other industrial partners, CHASE represents a major step into the future of efficient production of everything from everyday consumer goods to the latest pharmaceuticals.

Close cooperation between research and industry

Among the scientific partners are the universities JKU Linz and TU Vienna as well as four other research centers from the UAR Innovation Network - Kompetenzzentrum Holz GmbH - Wood K plus, Research Center for Non-Destructive Testing GmbH, Transfercenter für Kunststofftechnik GmbH and Software Competence Center Hagenberg GmbH. International organisations from the Czech Republic, Germany, the Netherlands and the USA are involved. The close cooperation between research and industry is also reflected in the ownership structure. The two universities JKU Linz and TU Vienna, the UAR and the Association of Company Partners each have a quarter share in the research company, which has now been officially founded in the Open Innovation Center (OIC). "The LIT Open Innovation Center will house the CHASE research center in Linz. The LIT Factory pilot factory will offer the research team excellent conditions for their work - an optimal playground between real industrial plants and computer models," emphasize JKU Rector Meinhard Lukas and Vice Rector for Research Alexander Egyed.

Successful continuation

The CHASE Research Centre is the successful continuation of the PAC research initiative, in which SCCH was also a scientific partner.