Knowledge Graphs

Foundations, State of the art and Future Research

On Oct 18th, Dr. Jorge Martinez-Gil, Senior Research Scientist at Software Competence Center Hagenberg (SCCH), was invited to hold a talk at office of Business Accelerator Sclable in Vienna.

He talked about "Knowledge Graphs: Foundations, State of the art and Future Research" and also, regarding funding programs and possibilities of collaboration with the Software Competence Center Hagenberg.

Transforming data into knowledge

Knowledge Graphs (KGs) are becoming a key technology for large-scale information processing systems containing massive collections of interrelated facts. KGs constitute a recent technology with very high practical impact in such traditional fields as data management, integration or interoperability, and the most recent ones based on question answering, query expansion and contents recommenders. In this talk, we gave an overview the past, present, and future of knowledge graphs serving as a source of high-quality data and a base for ubiquitous information integration.

Sclable's data scientists:  Sanchit Singh (host of the meetup) Charles H. Dietz, PhD Viktor Sandner Frank Fichtenmueller Ronald Luc Demetrio Rodriguez Tereshkin  (Photos: Sclable)