Maintenance Days 2016

SCCH presents Predictive Maintenance

The MAINTENANCE DAYS are a popular meeting place for experts and practitioners from the maintenance industry. Networking, exchange of experience and knowledge are the focal point. SCCH was also represented with a booth.

Looking for the Early Warning Point

In order to provide a meaningful basis for decision-making and recommendations for action for human beings, huge data streams (e. g. machine data, process data, quality data, etc.) from a wide variety of heterogeneous data sources have to be linked and analysed. SCCH presents its methods for the realization of predictive analytics and predictive maintenance. By using data mining and machine learning methods, fault prediction models are created in order to find this "early warning point" and thus facilitate predictive maintenance strategies.

Dr. Bernhard Freudenthaler and Mag. Manfred Schwanthaler presented the new software


The key to success is the combination of expert knowledge and data-based fault prediction models. The spectrum of applications for these methods ranges from process industry and production to energy management and the manufacture and maintenance of machines and plants.