New project: RePhrase

Refactoring Parallel Heterogeneous Applications

Context and motivation

Heterogeneous multicore/manycore systems are becoming ubiquitous. Such systems combine CPUs, GPUs etc. into coherent highly-parallel, and energy-efficient, systems. Data-intensive applications are one of the most important and commonly encountered classes of industrial application. They are often potentially highly parallel and are a clear match to emerging heterogeneous parallel systems. Near-future data-intensive applications will thus need to consider large-scale parallelism as an essential part of their design and development. RePhrase aims to dramatically simplify this process over the state-of-the-art using a flexible semi-automated approach that will be built around emerging pattern-based parallel programming technology.


Typical state-of-the-art development methodologies treat parallelism as an after-thought, deploying, for example, inappropriate conc­­urrency techniques that are tedious, error-prone and lacking scalability or portability to new computer architectures. Developing parallel software is still seen as a specialist activity, and strong software engineering principles are rarely applied. What is needed is a new software development approach that is simple enough to be followed by applications developers, but which is flexible and robust enough to deal with highly complex parallel hardware and systems, as required for e.g. data-intensive applications.

Project information

Project title

  • Refactoring Parallel Heterogeneous Applications – a Software Engineering Approach

Project coordinator

  • Professor Kevin Hammond, University of St Andrews, UK

Partners from

  • UK: University of St Andrews Programming Research Ltd
  • Spain: University Carlos III, Madrid CIBERSAM, Madrid
  • Italy: University of Pisa
  • Austria: Software Competence Center Hagenberg
  • Hungary: EvoPro Ltd
  • Israel: IBM Research, Haifa

Other facts

  • Duration: 3 years
  • Total cost: € 3,574,027
  • EC Contribution: € 3,574,027
  • Programme: ICT-09-2014
  • Further information:

You will find the full project information in the RePhrase fact-sheet.