Project Smart Villages started

Digitisation in rural areas

The project is about technical innovation but also about a new involvement of citizens and other relevant actors in the process of digitisation. The project was launched in June 2018 in Maribor and brings together 13 partner organisations and 9 test areas in 6 Alpine states. The Swiss Association for Mountain Areas SAB is the lead partner of this project. The Lucerne West region is another Swiss partner. "SmartVillages" is divided into modules:


  • Regional analysis; this will clarify how smart the test regions are in comparison to the other European regions.
  • Digital platform; development of an exchange platform for digitisation in rural areas.
  • Toolbox for digitisation; provision of tools and methods for the implementation of digitisation projects in communities.
  • Dissemination of project results at the political level; development of recommendations for action aimed at further improving the political framework conditions for digitisation in rural and mountain areas.

The "SmartVillages" project makes a concrete contribution to the implementation of the "Digital Switzerland" strategy and action plan and the EUSALP macro-regional strategy for the Alpine region. Within the framework of EUSALP, the digitisation of mountain villages was identified as a strategic project.

Key data