Software for Disaster Management

Awarded with the E-Award

Host, Mr. Dirk Lukaschik, CEO of T-Systems, presented the winners of the E-Award 2016. The submitted projects impressively showed the importance of digitization and how it affects all economic and living areas. This circumstance effects many companies, but also the entire society", says Lukaschik. "In order to line up for the digital transformation, IT organizations need completely new skills, technologies and management approaches.

When disaster strikes, act properly

The comment of the jury

  • "Flagship solution for disaster management"
  • "exemplary cooperation of many different project partners"
  • "Forecast model at its best"

Dr. Bernhard Freudenthaler took the price for the INDYCO-Team (Milena Krobath/Report Verlag)

The INDYCO system supports fire departments, municipalities or control centers. The linking of sensors and expertise with various analysis and modeling methods allows predictions about local situations and developments, such as mudflows or floods. Thus enables a warning time before flood situations of approximately six hours. "The model has an accuracy of 95.21%. Through expert knowledge about the risks and correlations of local precipitation, pre-wetting and geology an analysis model for continuous monitoring can be created for the possible dangers”, explains the INDYCO project manager, Dr. Bernhard Freudenthaler. By supporting different processes in disaster plans through a workflow system, measures can be set and communicated quickly. The INDYCO system can principally be used worldwide in disaster situations. Under a EraSME funded project the INDYCO system was developed with 11 partners. The Software Competence Center Hagenberg has taken over the project coordination and developed significant parts of the situation-awareness component and the workflow component.

The cooperation partners are: Institute for Applied Knowledge Processing, Upper Austrian State Fire Department Association, BIA Business Intelligence Accelerator, PRISMA solutions IT services, FIELDWORX Mobile Solutions, GeoExpert Research and Planning, Riocom Technical Office for Environmental Engineering, University of Kiel - Institute of Computer Science, Vomatec International, LIS Control Center Information System,  Ingenieurgesellschaft Prof. Dr. Sieker and the Software Competence Center Hagenberg.