Dissertations and Master theses

The Software Competence Center Hagenberg (SCCH) invites Master or Ph.D. students to make their diploma or dissertation within application-oriented research projects.

Diploma thesis work is financially supported by the SCCH. Ph.D. students can combine their work on the thesis with an employment at the SCCH. Therefore please have a look  in the Open Positions section!

We aim at increasing the number of women in scientific research and would be glad to get proposals from female applicants.

Please send an email with your CV and your proposal to Dr. Klaus Pirklbauer (contact on the right).

Geometric Feature Extraction (Kopie)

for Distributions of Statistical Data

Modern machine learning algorithms in predictive modelling usually involve learning features of functions which emerge as observed input data in the process to be described. During the training process of a predictor, it is desirable to have characteristic features of this input data, which reflect as much as possible about the underlying physical or structural qualities of the process.

Development of prediction models (Kopie)

for property prediction in assembly products

We are concerned with the problem of property prediction in assembly products usually encountered in industrial environments. For properties of an assembly that are closely related to the corresponding property of its components, a weighted aggregation does not necessarily provide an accurate prediction of the product.

Not the right offer found?

If you have a proposal fitting our research topics please contact us! Even if you have no proposal, but you wish to make your Master thesis or dissertation at SCCH, contact us to discuss possibilities!

PhD Study Support Program

In the frame of our PhD Study Support Program, already started in 2003, we support Ph.D. students over several years so that they can focus on their dissertation. Prerequisites arean application at SCCH, the submission of proposal for the PhD Study Support Program and a jointly defined topic. The PhD Study Support Program is part of the strategic research at SCCH.