Flagship Project Connecting Austria

Connecting energy-efficient and goods traffic trucks from the motorway to the city

In three years, four use cases are explored by 13 company and research partners:

  1. Trucks enter the highway and form a platoon;
  2. Truck platoon approaches a hazardous location
  3. Truck platoon leaves the highway
  4. Truck platoon crosses an intersection.

It is planned to have several test ing grounds in Salzburg, Upper Austria and Vienna.

SCCH is a research partner and sees this as an opportunity to apply its expertise in the field of deep learning and in the field of behavioral analytics in use case 4/intersection. This enables SCCH to make a valuable contribution to the safety and efficiency of Platoons.

Project Key Information

  • Start of project : January 1st, 2018, duration: 36 Monate
  • Consortium: 13 partners
  • Project budget: 4,3 Mio. Euro, thereof 2,5 Mio. Euro project funding


The project "Connecting Austria" is funded in the frame of the program "Mobilität der Zukunft, Mobilität der Zukunft, 9. AS Fahrzeugtechnologie & Personenmobilität" of the Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG) and is cofunded by the Federal Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology.

FFGLogo of Federal Ministry: Transport, Innovation, and Technology


Bernhard A. Moser

Moser Bernhard A.

Research Director
Phone: +43 50 343 833

Theodorich Kopetzky

Kopetzky Theodorich

Area Manager Service and Solutions
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