The overall goal of Hyperion3D is the development of an intelligent and cost-efficient workflow for producing high quality 3D film content for stereoscopic and multi-view 3D displays. The key idea for that goal is the conception of a smart tri-camera system that would be superior to comparable systems on the market, above all w.r.t. operability, efficiency and quality.The quality issue is addressed along the whole workflow: on the production side, e.g. an auxiliary tracking system aims at making the depth reconstruction more reliable; on the post-production side, a recommender system for tuning the disparity mapping parameters aims at preventing visual discomfort effects. For this purpose an efficient computational model is developed that is able to efficiently predict visual discomfort based on image features. The project also addresses the cost issue by developing a novel innovative assembly of a multi-camera system based on an (expensive) high resolution main camera which is accompanied by two (cheaper) assistant cameras of lower resolution. The goal is to adapt the whole workflow (production on set as well as post-production) to this setting while guaranteeing high quality standards.


  • FFG, IKT der Zukunft, PN-840222


Project information 3D Visual Discomfort Database

You will find further information regarding the project and the download of the database here.


Bernhard A. Moser

Moser Bernhard A.

Research Director
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