Integrated Component Cycling in Epithelial Cell Motility

InCeM is an Innovative Training Network (ITN), and more specifically, an European Training Network (ETN), formed by universities, research institutions and companies from Europe and Israel comprising a PhD program which offers to early stage researchers interdisciplinary research topics and training related to cellular motility. InCeM is a project within the Marie Skłodovska Curie Actions which are a part of European Community’s Framework programme Horizon 2020. Eleven beneficiaries are funded by InCeM and 18 further partner organizations support the network which comprises 15 PhD projects. The subproject of partner SCCH deals with the image and model based analysis of cellular shape change and of the motion of cells.

Inital situation and objectives

Cellular motion plays an essential role in processes which are relevant for maintaining healthiness of an individual (e.g., tissue formation, wound healing) as well as for pathologic processes such as tissue invasion during carcinogenesis. To study cellular motility and cell migration investigations using biological, biochemical and biophysical approaches are required. Also new approaches in model-based image analysis may provide additional insight. In InCeM partners covering the competences related to these different fields are working together through joint PhD projects and provide to the students theoretical and practical training. The aim of our InCeM-PhD project (in the field of image processing / scientific computing) is to relate – by means of model-based image analysis – computational models allowing us to simulate the motion of cell structures (e.g., cytoskeletal components such as the keratin network) with data extracted from image sequences showing these structures during motion.

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European Training Network 

Among the Marie Skłodovska Curie Actions in Horizon 2020 a European Training Network is one form of an ITN which aims to train early stage researchers (ESR) in a network of at least three partners from in and outside academia. The ESR are working on joint research projects, they shall experience different sectors by secondments within the network and specific training units are organized for them. (see for more information)

Project Coordinator



Bernhard A. Moser

Moser Bernhard A.

Research Director
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