The Right Light

High-performance quality inspection with the right illumination

"The way of illuminating a thing does not change its essence."

Stanislaw Jerzy Lec (1909-66), Polish author.

However, the type of lighting is essential to be able to see certain defects on surfaces. Especially with high-quality products made of stainless steel, for example, surface defects alone reduce product quality. Consequently, visual quality control is essential for, e.g., stainless steel panels .With its patented lighting technology and high-performance algorithms, the SCCH helps with quality inspection.

In the context of his doctoral thesis, Dr. Volkmar Wieser developed a novel, patented lighting technology[1], which makes it possible to highlight surface defects on reflective textured materials in a way that was previously with conventional lighting principles only possible to a limited extent.

In addition, he developed special image processing algorithms to ensure reliable fault detection and reduce the over-detection rate.

Using the auto-parallelisation language "Single Assignment C", the time-consuming algorithms were efficiently parallelized on different hardware architectures.

This research work enables a complete quality control of various glossy planar surfaces and, as an expert system, offers a controllable and reliable quality inspection.

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[1] B. Moser und V. Wieser, „Method for quality testing of metal surface of component e.g. front plate, of technical household device, involves comparing recorded images, and determining deviations of images by evaluation device“, DE102009034466 (A1), 28-Jän-2010.


Volkmar Wieser

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