The Round Thing...

... has to go in the rectangular thing.

The SCCH helps inmotiotec GmbH, a subsidiary of the abatec group AG, in a way that their LPM system (Local Position Measurement) can locate the ball and the players better in video sequences. For example, the LPM system was used by the Dutch national football team to prepare for the 2014 World Cup, and is also used by Red Bull Salzburg for data analysis tasks.

For this purpose, highly developed image processing methods are used. Those allow a high degree of precision and flexibility in object tracking and determination of the position data of objects (such as the ball) or persons in video sequences under real-time conditions.

In this way, data can already be evaluated during the training and can be incorporated into the training process.

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Thomas Hoch

Hoch Thomas

Researcher Knowledge-Based Vision Systems
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