WiMoiS - Modeling of Game Performance

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In order to assess the performance of individual athletes in team sports such as soccer or ice hockey, the concept of individual playing ability is of great importance. The ability to play determines to a large extent the performance of the players during competitions (performances in near play exercise forms are included in the training).

Zwei Fußballspieler

Two players, 1 versus 1

As part of the WiMois(1) project, SCCH and its partners are working together on the conceptual basis for a software system for the semantic and data-based assessment of individual performance in team sports. Furthermore, an integrated knowledgebase and reasoning engine based on these principles will be prototypically developed and the feasibility demonstrated as a use case based on soccer data.

Conceptional Model

Conceptional Model

The Project Partners

Publications already published in the project (excerpts)

(1) WiMoiS: Wissensbasierte Modellierung der individuellen Spielleistung von LeistungssportlerInnen in Mannschaftssportarten


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