Data Science & Software Science

Partner for industry and research

Research at Software Competence Center Hagenberg (SCCH) concentrates on equal footing in Data Science and Software Science. The synergy of Data Science and Software Science at SCCH is an important success factor. 

As a COMET competence center, SCCH conducts cutting-edge research on an international level. Together with our scientific partners, especially Johannes Kepler University Linz, SCCH strives toward leadership in the future-oriented fields of digitalization and artificial intelligence.


SCCH is partner

At the CHASE Research Centre

CHASE (Chemical Systems Engineering) is the first COMET K1 center in the chemical process industry, which is an important factor for many industry segments. In October, the COMET K1 Center started at the LIT Open Innovation Center at the Johannes Kepler University site in Linz. The aim is to support actively the chemical industry in its initiatives toward Chemistry 4.0.


Project started

At October 1st the project COGNIPLANT started. The aim is to develop and demonstrate an innovative approach for the advanced digitization and intelligent management of the process industries.This approach follows novel vision to data monitoring and analysis, that will make the most of the latest developments on advanced analytics and cognitive reasoning, coupled with a disruptive use of the Digital Twin concept to improve Production plants’ operation performance.

Knowledge Graphs

Foundations, State of the art and Future Research

On Oct 18th, Dr. Jorge Martinez-Gil gave a talk at the office of Business Accelerator Sclable in Vienna. His talk was about
"Knowledge Graphs: Foundations, State of the art and Future Research" and also, regarding funding programs and possibilities of collaboration with the Software Competence Center Hagenberg Hagenberg.

SCCH at ICT Proposers' Day

Digital Excellence Forum

This event provided an excellent opportunity to present and discuss the main policy drivers of the digital transformation of European industry and society and how the EU research and innovation agenda can best contribute to these objectives.

30th Anniversary in Linz

Great success for DEXA conference

The Johannes Kepler University Linz hosted at the end of August the worldwide recognized DEXA conference (Conference on Database and Expert Systems Applications). The conference focused on the current development in digitization and artificial intelligence.

New phone number at October

Please note!

Software Competence Center Hagenberg changed the telephone number. The new SCCH number is +43 50 343 and   extension. You can also find the changed telephone numbers of the contact persons on our website in the category team.

Markus Manz is new CEO

Welcome at SCCH

In August, Mag. Markus Manz took over the commercial management of the Software Competence Center Hagenberg (SCCH) as new CEO. He graduated in economic science and environmental science. Previously he was managing director of tech2b incubator, which is the state's central support institution for start-ups in Upper Austria.

CHASE research center

SCCH is a scientific partner

The CHASE Research Centre (Chemical Systems Engineering) with its four owners - JKU Linz, TU Vienna, UAR and the Association of Company Partners - will start research work in October at the LIT Open Innovation Centre on the JKU site in Linz and will actively support the chemical industry in its initiatives towards Chemistry 4.0. The research centre will be located at the JKU site in Linz.

IRIXYS Summer School on Transfer Learning

Took place in Passau

A Summer School not only for academia but also open to industry and public players, this was the ambition of the IRIXYS Summer School organised by University of Passau, in cooperation with its partners.
Bernhard Freudenthaler presented the expertise of SCCH and informed about current EU projects.

AI research project in Hagenberg approved

COMET-K modules

With the K-module "S³AI: Security and Safety for Shared Artificial Intelligence", Software Competence Center Hagenberg strives to create the methodological basis for reliable, secure, distributed artificial intelligence (AI) systems.

Talk at the MIT

Automating Data Quality Measurement with Tools

DI Lisa Ehrlinger speaks on August 2nd 2019 about "Automating Data Quality Measurement with Tools" in the course of the renowned 13th Annual MIT Chief Data Officer and Information Quality (MIT CDOIQ) Symposium at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). The talk provides a comprehensive overview on state-of-the-art DQ tools and reveals potential for functional enhancements of the tools.

Innovative Start-ups

At Software Research Day

Innovative start-ups from Austria and Germany introduced themselves to the audience. The common ground? All of them deal with artificial intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence is Revolutionizing Software Development Itself

Retrospect Software Research Day

Will the advance of artificial intelligence (AI) revolutionize software development, or is the opposite true? This question, along with the future of software engineering and the enormous potential in the application of artificial intelligence, was addressed by some 100 experts at Software Research Day on 15 May 2019 at Linz’s former tobacco factory, an event organized by Software Competence Center (SCCH).