Some of our projects in SAE:

Strategic COMET Project AngenM

Strategic Research on Softwareanalytics and Evolution

This strategic project focuses on advanced methods for software evolution by means of source code analysis. With respect to project objectives, we work on advanced methods for software testing, clone detection and static code analysis.

COMET-Project AutoTest

Testcase Generation and Test Automation

This project supports the systematic transition to and improvement of automated testing and quality assurance activities for developing and evolving large and complex software products.


Software Architecture Knowledge Management

This project investigates concepts, methods and tools for sustainable architecture knowledge management, i.e., for capturing, sharing, using and reusing architectural knowledge.


Domain Knowledge Extraction and Generation of Software

This project provides concepts, methods and software tools for extracting and recovering domain knowledge from software source, for modeling and representing domain-specific knowledge, and for generating software for modern software architectures and technologies.


Human Centered Software Engineering for Industry

User-centered software engineering puts the user at the center of attention throughout the entire development cycle. The technical development enables completely new forms of interaction, also in the industrial environment.

Project eKNOWS

Extracting Knowledge from Software

The software is a central component of the company and contains important and vital knowledge, which can consist of calculations, formulas, state diagrams or decision tables. How can this expertise be extracted from the code?