Software Analytics and Evolution Team Report 2016

Authors Gerald Czech
Bernhard Dorninger
Michael Pfeiffer
Michael Moser
Josef Pichler
Title Software Analytics and Evolution Team Report 2016
Type techreport
Number SCCH-TR-17013
Organization Software Competence Center Hagenberg
Month February
Year 2017
SCCH ID# 17013

The SCCH research focus for Software Analytics and Evolution (SAE) employs modern analytical and design approaches in Software Engineering with the goal of facilitating the development, maintenance, and evolution of complex technical software systems while simultaneously ensuring utmost quality.

The analytical part involves code analysis, architectural analysis, reverse engineering, and software testing; the design part includes software architecture, domain specific languages, and code generation. This report introduces into activities, projects, software, and research topics with respect to the software analysis. Software analysis at SCCH is applied for Static Code Analysis, Architecture Conformance Checking, Documentation Generation, and Program Comprehension.