A practical approach for process mining in production processes

Authors Christine Natschläger
Felix Kossak
Christian Lettner
Verena Geist
Andreas Denkmayr
Beate Käferböck
Editors Felix Piazolo
Verena Geist
Lars Brehm
Rainer Schmidt
Title A practical approach for process mining in production processes
Booktitle Innovations in Enterprise Information Systems Management and Engineering - ERP Future 2016 - Research, Revised Papers
Type in book
Publisher Springer
Series Lecture Notes in Business Information Processing
Volume 285
ISBN 978-3-319-58800-1
DOI 0.1007/978-3-319-58801-8_8
Month May
Year 2017
Pages 87-95
SCCH ID# 16065

Processes are the core of an enterprise and describe the interconnection of tasks in daily business. Process analysis/mining provides methods and tools that enable extraction of processes, e.g., from machine event logs. This valuable knowledge about the current processes of a company can serve as the starting point for performance analysis and process improvement, for implementation of a software system or for monitoring adherence to processes. In this paper, we present two actual business scenarios of manufacturing companies and their requirements regarding process analysis. We suggest a procedure and developed a process mining tool, which addresses the requirements and may provide all paths of a process model (also outliers) optionally with meta data. A comparison of de jure and de facto processes and a suggestion of optimization potentials complete the work.