Live and global consistency checking in a collaborative engineering environment

Authors Michael Alexander Tröls
Atif Mashkoor
Alexander Egyed
Title Live and global consistency checking in a collaborative engineering environment
Booktitle Proceedings of the 34th ACM/SIGAPP Symposium on Applied Computing (ACM SAC 2019)
Type in proceedings
Publisher ACM
ISBN 978-1-4503-5933-7
DOI 10.1145/3297280.32997454
Month April
Year 2019
Pages 1776-1785
SCCH ID# 19022

During software and systems engineering, engineers have to rely on different engineering tools in order to capture different kinds of artifacts, such as requirement specifications, design models or code. Even though the artifacts that engineers capture with these tools are interdependent, the tools have limited abilities to detect inconsistencies among them. Today no approach exists that is able to provide live inconsistency feedback of engineering artifacts --- captured and maintained in different engineering tools --- without disrupting the engineers' workflow. The work presented in this paper introduces a novel approach for live, multi-tool, consistency checking where engineers continue to use their respective tools and receive inconsistency feedback across their tools' artifacts in a live manner. The approach uses a cloud-based engineering platform to replicate the tool's artifacts and to detect inconsistencies there. Within the cloud, engineers may link these artifacts and define cross-tool consistency rules. The approach was validated through an empirical study and two industrial case studies to demonstrate usefulness, correctness and scalability.