An architecture for supporting multi-device, client-adaptive services

Authors Guio Menkhaus
Title An architecture for supporting multi-device, client-adaptive services
Type article
Journal Special Volume of the Annals of Software Engineering Journal on OO Web-based Software Engineering
Number 1-4
Volume 13
ISSN 1022-7091
Month June
Year 2002
Pages 309-327
SCCH ID# 244

The original idea of the World Wide Web was to create a universe of network-accessible information. Since its inception, the World Wide Web has evolved from a means to help people access and use information into an interactive medium. This has caused a dramatic increase in the development effort for interactive services, which now have to support multiple clients with widely varying computing and user interface capabilities. Personalization features tend to render this task even more complex. The paper presents the MUSA (Multiple User Interfaces, Single Application) system which addresses both issues with the introduction of an event graph that abstracts user interface and personalization issues from the implementation of the service on different client-devices.