Using web technology to improve health insurance services

Authors Dagmar Auer
Edgar Weippl
Wolfgang Essmayr
Editors H. Jasper
J. Küng
G. Vossen
Title Using web technology to improve health insurance services
Booktitle Informationssysteme für E-Commerce
Type in collection
Publisher Universitätsverlag Rudolf Trauner
Series Schriftenreihe Informatik
Number 4
ISBN 3-85457-1945
Year 2000
Pages 261–276

Financial and commercial businesses already recognized the benefits of business-to-business and business-to-consumer solutions; other business areas still need to be developed. However e-commerce is on everyone’s lips today, so more and more organizations are trying to apply it for their own needs. The paper shows possibilities of using Web technology with health insurance companies. Starting with e-business models applied to health insurance, we show how these companies can use Web technology to improve service and reduce costs. To achieve the expected improvements the usability of the Web sites that support these services is crucial. Thus after presenting the basic ideas of how to apply business-to-consumer and business-to-business solutions to health insurance services, this paper deals with the characteristics of user-centric Web engineering processes, which are generally important to the development of any kind of Web sites and applications.