On transforming a knowledge base from topic maps to OWL

Authors Kamil Matouše
Petr Kremen
Josef Küng
Reinhard Stumptner
Stefan Anderlik
Bernhard Freudenthaler
Editors R. Moreno-Diaz
F. Pichler
A. Quesada
Title On transforming a knowledge base from topic maps to OWL
Booktitle Computer Aided Systems Theory - Proc. EUROCAST 2011, Part I
Type in proceedings
Publisher Springer
Series Lecture Notes in Computer Science
Volume 6927
ISBN 978-3-642-27548-7
Month February
Year 2012
Pages 208-215
SCCH ID# 1103

A particular passive decision support system (VCDECIS - Vienna Consulting Decision Support System) uses Topic Maps as a semantic technology for representing its knowledge. It can be termed as a knowledge-based Content Management System, which includes adequate knowledge exploration features. An easy-to-use web portal and an integrated search engine for full-text search are its main concepts. Furthermore, one of the main objectives is the integration of heterogeneous information, e.g., any kind of addressable data like documents or links, any concepts of projects, institutions or even datasets from databases [2]. Fig. 1 illustrates the idea of the Topic Map as a Semantic Network based on BRIMOS®1.