Topics in software, systems and service process improvement (editorial)

Authors Miklós Biró
Richard Messnarz
Editors Miklós Biró
Richard Messnarz
Title Topics in software, systems and service process improvement (editorial)
Type editorial
Journal Journal of Software: Evolution and Process, Special Issue: Software, Systems and Service Process Improvement (EuroSPI 2009)
Number 5
Volume 24
Department PQE
Month August
Year 2012
Pages 455-458; DOI: 10.1002/smr.506
SCCH ID# 1250

EuroSPI is an initiative with four major goals ( • An annual EuroSPI conference supported by Software Process Improvement Networks from different EU countries. • Establishing an Internet-based knowledge library, newsletters, and a set of proceedings and recommended books. • Establishing an effective team of national representatives (from each EU country) growing step by step into more countries of Europe. • Establishing a European Qualification Framework for a pool of professions related to SPI and management. This is supported by European certificates and exam systems