Modeling user behavior through electricity consumption patterns

Authors Jorge Martínez-Gil
Bernhard Freudenthaler
Thomas Natschläger
Editors F. Morvan
A. M. Toja
R. R. Wagner
Title Modeling user behavior through electricity consumption patterns
Booktitle 24th International Workshop on Database and Expert Systems Applications
Type in proceedings
Publisher CPS
ISBN 978-0-7695-5070-1
Month August
Year 2013
Pages 204-213
SCCH ID# 1332

Reducing energy consumption in buildings of all kinds is a key challenge for researchers since it can help to notably reduce the waste of energy and its associated costs. However, when dealing with residential environments, there is a major problem; people comfort should not be altered, so it is necessary to look for smart methods which take into account this circumstance. Traditional techniques have not considered the study of human behavior when providing solutions in this field, but new human-centric paradigms are emerging gradually. We present our research on user behavior concerning electricity consumption in office buildings and residential environments. Our goal consists of inspiring practitioners in this field for developing new human-aware solutions.