Symbolon - A novel concept for secure e-commerce

Authors Sebastian Fischmeister
Günther Hagleitner
Wolfgang Pree
Gustav Pomberger
Title Symbolon - A novel concept for secure e-commerce
Booktitle Proc. 1st IFIP Int. Conf. on E-Commerce, E-Business, and E-Government
Type in proceedings
Address Zürich, Switzerland
Month October
Year 2001
SCCH ID# 112

Electronic-banking applications (EBAs) are among the pioneers of electronic-commerce (e-commerce) applications. Like other e-commerce applications, they require sophisticated security mechanisms and intuitive usability so customers put trust in them and therefore use EBAs. Although EBAs have been existing or a long time and their concepts are well understood, current EBAs have severe security and usability restrictions. Also the authors claim that it is necessary to build secure and small e-commerce applications with intuitive usability in order to be able to crate complex and still secure ones with good user acceptance.The paper shows the usability and security problems of related technologies and introduces a new approach that is based on a public-key infrastructure. The results of the evaluation show that it meets the intended criteria. Finally the work also includes examples that show how this approach can be used to build secure e-business and e-commerce applications while retaining intuitive usability.