Extending knowledge-based profile matching in the human resources domain

Authors Lorena Paoletti
Jorge Martinez-Gil
Klaus-Dieter Schewe
Editors Q. Chen
A. Hameuerlain
F. Toumani
R. Wagner
H. Decker
Title Extending knowledge-based profile matching in the human resources domain
Booktitle Database and Expert Systems Applications - Proc. DEXA 2015, Part II
Type in proceedings
Publisher Springer
Series Lecture Notes of Computer Science
Volume 9262
ISBN 978-3-319-22851-8
DOI 10.1007/978-3-319-22852-5
Month September
Year 2015
Pages 21-34
SCCH ID# 1528

In the Human Resources domain the accurate matching between job positions and job applicants profiles is crucial for job seekers and recruiters. The use of recruitment taxonomies has proven to be of significant advantage in the area by enabling semantic matching and reasoning. Hence, the development of Knowledge Bases (KB) where curricula vitae and job offers can be uploaded and queried in order to obtain the best matches by both, applicants and recruiters is highly important. We introduce an approach to improve matching of profiles, starting by expressing jobs and applicants profiles by filters representing skills and competencies. Filters are used to calculate the similarity between concepts in the subsumption hierarchy of a KB. This is enhanced by adding weights and aggregates on filters. Moreover, we present an approach to evaluate over-qualification and introduce blow-up operators that transform certain role relations such that matching of filters can be applied.