Towards rigid actor assignment in dynamic workflows

Authors Christa Illibauer
Thomas Ziebermayr
Verena Geist
Editors M. Felderer
F. Piazolo
W. Ortner
L. Brehm
H.-J. Hof
Title Towards rigid actor assignment in dynamic workflows
Booktitle Innovations in Enterprise Information Systems Management and Engineering - ERP Future 2015 Revised Papers
Type in book
Publisher Springer
Series Lecture Notes in Business Information Processing
Volume 245
ISBN 978-3-319-32798-3
DOI 10.1007/978-3-319-32799-0
Month April
Year 2016
Pages 62-69
SCCH ID# 1553

Compared to business processes in other business domains, dynamic workflows in disaster management need a rather rigid allocation of work to actors. The work schedule must conform to available resources and their skills. Moreover, to ensure that each actor is able to quickly start working and to complete pieces of work rapidly, work must be distributed evenly. This also reduces the overall waiting time, which is an important issue in disaster management. Additionally, each actor should only have few tasks assigned at any point in time in order to be able to reliably perform critical tasks, without being overburdened. As conventional Business Process Management (BPM) tools do not fully meet these requirements, we provide an additional layer to BPM tools, the so-called Dynamic Resource Allocation (DRA) component.