Research foci

SCCH is active in the following scientific research foci and offers application-oriented research services therein.


Data Science

Data science at SCCH encompasses data-to-knowledge conversion by data-driven modeling for data-intensive applications such as fault diagnosis, quality inspection, predictive maintenance, process understanding and optimization. The driving methodology behind this research has been machine learning in combination with mathematical modeling based on signal and image processing, game theory and optimization.

Software Science

Software science at SCCH encompasses software design, software engineering and software analytics for software maintenance and evolution of long-lasting, non-mainstream software-intensive systems in e.g. industrial automation. The driving methodology behind this line of research has been knowledge extraction from software artifacts (e.g. source code, configuration files, test cases, comments), static program analysis and test automation.


In addition to its application-oriented foci in software science, SCCH also conducts basic research in rigorous methods in software engineering.