Trying their hands at research

FFG Talents

Two high school students conducted research at Software Competence Center Hagenberg in the realm of the program “Talents: Internships for Students” funded by the Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG) and the Austrian Federal Ministry for Transportation, Innovation and Technology. “The internships give students insight into our research center and give us the opportunity to make contact with students. We are pleased that the Talents internships were so well received,” notes SCCH CEO Dr. Klaus Pirklbauer.

Process analysis tool

During his internship, David Denkmayr of Bad Leonfelden conducted research on Process Mining. The student’s task was to support the development of a prototype for analysis of production processes. “One challenge was that this tool needed to handle data very efficiently and especially be able to reliably process large quantities of data. To ensure adequate testing, we received anonymized production data from two large production companies. The data contained millions of data records for simultaneous processing,” says Denkmayr. His work encompassed data acquisition and development and implementation of the complete user interface, including the display of graphs. “This internship was a valuable experience and helped me to expand my horizon regarding technical research. As a result, I can now imagine that after my university studies I will continue in the field of research,” he concludes.

From left to right: Executive Head RSE Dr. Christine Natschläger, intern Beate Käferböck, intern Andreas Denkmayr, Scientific Head RSE Dr. Atif Mashkoor

Analysis of fellow competitors

Likewise Beate Käferböck of Linz researched Process Mining. The business school graduate had less technical tasks. She analyzed her fellow competitors and produced an analysis as the basis for a scientific article. “I was also able to provide creative input by designing the logo for the software tool that Andreas developed. I also compiled the user handbook for this tool,” reports Käferböck. “I am happy that I was able to do this internship even though I did not come from a technical school. In October I will begin my studies at FH Hagenberg. I am certain that the experience that I acquired during my internship will help me. I hope that this type of internship will be available in the future for students from nontechnical schools,” comments the upcoming university student.

Teamwork succeeded

Dr. Christine Natschläger, Area Head of Rigorous Methods in Software Engineering, supervised the two interns to enable their insight into research. “The two interns contributed their know-how based on their education. Andreas supported us with prototype development and Beate scored with business knowledge and graphic skills.